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Reading Machines

Simon Reading MachineSimon is our lowest-cost and simplest to use reading machine. Much lighter and smaller than its predecessors, it boasts a remarkable recognition accuracy, and is suitable for users who do not require file storage, external computer connection, the ability to store information on a disk, or the multiple language ability which is available in our high-end product. Simon is truly a "one-touch" reading machine, operated as easily as a photocopier. Just press the Start button, and the machine will do the rest. Everything is automatic!


Excalibur Reading Machine

Excalibur is our top-of-the-range reading system. It is famous for its excellent recognition capability, simplicity of use thanks to an intuitive user interface, ability to read in multiple languages with the highest voice quality available, powerful file storage facilities, the ability to read external files and much more. For power, independence, private and ready access to printed and electronic text, Excalibur is the tool of choice.

Talking Compass

C2 Compass The Robotron C2 Compass is a miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point device with digitised voice output. It represents an excellent and proven mobility tool for vision-impaired people. Small sized, light-weight and reliable (no moving parts), this compass will serve a blind person for many years.

The compass is bilingual (two languages are installed and the user can switch between them). The standard and most popular choice is English/Spanish, but over twenty standard languages are available (major European and Asian languages) and these can be specified by the customer at the time of order.
Talking Personal Organizer

Aria Personal Organizer The Aria personal organizer combines a Braille keyboard and synthesized voice output to provide a vision-impaired user with numerous useful functions similar to those found in a typical PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Lightweight and easily portable, the Aria empowers its user by providing him or her with note taking and word processing facilities, a calculator with numerous scientific, statistical and financial functions, telephone directory, diary, computer terminal, etc. The Aria has a versatile memory storage (PCMCIA card) and can be connected directly to a printer and a modem.
Braille Publishing Software

BrailleMaster Braille Translator and Publisher BrailleMaster 6 is a powerful, functional, proven Braille translation software. After over a decade since its original introduction, BrailleMaster is still the only Braille translation software which allows you to customise your own Braille rules, using Robotron's proprietary Rule-based Braille Construction Language LOUIS. Try BrailleMaster's unique features and take the worry out of producing Braille.


Unlike with conventional Braille transcription or translation packages, the Braille rules are not "hard-coded" in the program, but rather contained in a readable form in a rule definition file. This means that as Braille code changes or develops, the program does not need to change - rather, a small modification in the definition file is all that is necessary. The user can also create his or her own complete Braille code. In educational establishments, BrailleMaster is also an indispensable tool for studying Braille rules and observing the effects of their modifications.