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Galileo Reading System

The Galileo Reading System is the top-of-the-range Robotron reading machine. Elegant, easy to use, this powerful multi-lingual machine is the product of choice for many vision-impaired people world-wide. This is why:

Intuitive User Interface

Place the text on the scanner and press the Start button. Within half a minute the text is being read aloud in a high-quality voice. Browsing through text, storing and retrieving files and customising reading parameters are all menu-controlled in a comprehensible user interface designed for simplicity and learning ease.

Exceptional OCR Capabilities

The Galileo excels in recognition of a wide range of texts, with special strengths in processing mixed fonts, draft quality print and skewed copies. The user's ability to customise scanner settings for particular reading tasks broadens even further the scope of readable documents.

High-Quality Speech Output

Each language installed in the Galileo brings with it the best available synthetic speech for that language, to provide intelligibility and ease of listening to the user.

Advanced Language Capabilities

Galileo's unique add-on language feature allows the user to treat a single document in a variety of languages, without re-scanning. The Galileo can accept the installation of additional languages at any time after purchase. Languages available for the Galileo currently include English, French and Spanish.

Manageable File Handling

The comprehensive File Management System makes storage and retrieval of documents simple, particularly for users without computer expertise. The Galileo in-built file management facility simplifies data transfer in a variety of ways, including serial transfer of files to a PC, and the in-built floppy disk drive.

Stand-alone Operation

All the features in the Galileo are included in a readily accessible, easy to use menu arrangement. No prior computer experience is necessary. The Galileo is designed as a simple-to-use consumer item. With the Galileo, reading is simple and relaxed.

Reading Capability

The Galileo can read a vast range of printed documents, including letters, magazines, books and newspapers. The large glass area and double-hinged cover make it possible to read large and thick documents or books.

In-built Text Storage

The in-built hard disk makes it possible for the user to store scanned text for later reading, as well as untranslated images. The in-built floppy drive allows the user to import text from other sources and then read it at leisure.

Independent Reading

The Galileo Reading System brings true independence to a vision-impaired person's life. The headphone connection lets the user read private documents the way they are supposed to be read in the first place - privately.

Simple Keyboard Control

Galileo's intuitive keypad gives its user access to uncomplicated reading - in most cases, all that the user needs to do is press the Start button and the Galileo does the rest automatically. Text browsing is simple and logical, and the parameter settings are easily adjustable to suit, all logically organized in a comprehensive menu system.

Computer Control

The Galileo Reading System can be also connected to a computer using the in-built serial interface and communications software. It can be used as an image scanner for a personal computer, as well as controlled remotely via a personal computer.

Technical Specifications

Scanning resolution 600 dpi
Scanning speed Typically 10 seconds per page
Recognition throughput Up to 300 characters per second
Reading speed Up to 2 pages per minute
Optical Character Recognition Multifont, mixed fonts, 6 to 32 points
Automatic differentiation Text and graphics, columns
Automatic settings Page orientation, brightness, contrast, paper size
Document size Up to 216 x 370 mm (8.5 x 14.5 in)
Document sizes supported A4, A5, B5, C5, Letter, Legal, Foolscap, US Government, Executive, Quarto, Half, DL Envelope, COM 10 Envelope, Monarch Envelope
Output type Speech, disk file, serial data transfer
Output text ASCII Windows, ASCII DOS, General WP, Excel 5.0 and 4.0, Word 7.0 and 6.0, RTF Windows, RTF DOS, Word Perfect 6.1, 6.0 and 5.1
Output graphics PCX, RGB Bitmap, Bitmap, TIFF, DCX
Languages English, French, German, Spanish (multiple languages supported)
Document storage 9 GB
Floppy disk drive 1.44 MB
Data transfer RS-232C serial port, internal communications software
Internal speaker 0.5W
Audio Output Standard 3.5mm mono headphone jack, 8 ohm impedance, 2W output
Power supply 100-250V, automatic sensing
Dimensions 560 x 415 x 170 mm (22 x 16.3 x 6.6 in)

(Specifications are subject to change without notice.)

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