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BrailleMaster Braille Publisher

BrailleMaster Version 6 software offers a number of useful Braille publishing facilities such as Braille conversion and print, customised Braille development, graphic Braille preview and more. A large print facility suitable for partially-sighted persons is also included.

BrailleMaster is designed to provide a simple, straightforward and manageable way to produce Braille and large print from the written word - no matter what the size of the job.

Designed to be used by people who need to produce Braille quickly and easily, in a no-mess, no-fuss way - but who might also need to do something complicated once in a while, for example to change the Braille rules altogether!

With BrailleMaster, you can:

 Translate text to Braille directly to your embosser or printer
 Translate text to an interim Braille file
 Edit a file, including a Braille file
 Print or emboss Braille from a Braille file
 View the completed Braille on screen
 Customise your Braille rules and verify them
 Customise formatting and controls for your embosser or printer
 Develop your own Braille code for text translation in many languages
 Develop advanced Braille applications, such as math and music Braille code translators

The BrailleMaster package comes with both Windows (95/98/NT and 2000 compatible) as well as DOS versions. (The DOS version is easier to use with screen readers. There are in fact two DOS versions in the package - a screen-based, menu-driven version which also contains a text editor; and a command-line based version which is eminently suitable for batch jobs and speech output.)


LOUIS is a special, easy-to-use symbolic language invented by Robotron and dedicated to Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille system of raised dot writing.

The LOUIS code is the bridge between the user and BrailleMaster's translator. The set of rules the user selects tells BrailleMaster how to translate the text into Braille. Users can construct or modify the Braille rules themselves. The LOUIS rules are all contained in a text file which can be easily edited and immediately verified using BrailleMaster's in-built rule verification facility.

Try BrailleMaster for yourself!

Visit BrailleMaster Web site for more information, a tutorial, and a fully functional demo to download!