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Robotron Group Headquarters Sensory Tools is a division of the Robotron Group, a research and development, manufacture and marketing group based in Melbourne, Australia, a world leader in several important technologies including advanced radio communications and assistive tools for vision-impaired people.

Our involvement in assistive technology dates to the very beginings of the Robotron Group, commencing with the introduction of numerous speech synthesis devices in 1983, and with the world's first purposely-built computer for the blind, the famous Eureka A4, in 1986.

Nowadays, the Robotron Group owns and continues to enhance a significant portfolio of technologies and related applications which have emerged as a result of a confluence and integration of our technological know-how.

Robotron Awards The Robotron Group's unique creative approach to assistive technology and its ability to introduce and commercialise new ideas has earned it many international awards, including the CNIB Winston Gordon Award, Rolls-Royce - Qantas Award, and other numerous R&D and business awards of excellence.

Taking a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary view of its development and implementation efforts, the Group continues to remain a recognised leader in this field, bringing out new products to improve the quality of life of blind and vision-impaired people world-wide.

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